Joee Conroy has played with the following groups/artists:

Ut Gret-New Music Improvisation Ensemble (everything)
Bohemian Rhapsody-traditional gypsy music of Spain, Eastern Europe and Arabia. (guitar, bouzouki, oud)
21 CenturyString Quartet-modern music composed by members  (Doug Carroll/cello)
SOMA-original jazz quintet with two drummers (guitar/ bass)
Arch Analyst-Modern Jazz Quartet (bass)
Camper van Beethoven-retro-progressive Americana (Various string instruments)
SCRAMS Orchestra- Community Orchestra performing members works (violin)
Pataphysical Gamelon-original and traditional music of Indonesia (peking, kempul)
Local Universe-world music consort (Various ethnic string instrurments)
Urban Bush Ensemple-afro-pop music ensemble (guitar)
Secret Commonwealth-new music company performing four operas by Daniel Dutton (guitar, pedal steel, mandolin, koto, bouzouki, shamisien)
Pataphysical Country-Country & Eastern, Celtic and traditional Appalachian music (guitar, Bouzouki)
Paul K-singer/song writer  (cello, viola, autoharp, koto, mandolin, harmonica, vocals)
Band of Ronnies-early 80’s new wave group (guitar)
Flophausen-proto-grunge teenage lovesick rock group (guitar)
Renegade String Quartet- free improvising string quartet (cello)
Testosterone Faries-furious southern fried funk (Davey Williams/Conroy twin guitars)
The Horror-performing the music of Eugene Chadbourne (various string instruments
Gambian Bat Invective-duo with Keenan Lawler (various string instruments)
Northwind-new age (guitar, percussion)
Sapat-free jazz group (various string instruments)
Nanobot Death Cloud- performing the microtonal music of Mike French (cello, violin)
Temple Jack Orchestra- ambient music (chapman strick)
Sun Ra Tribute Arkestra-led by Jothan Callins (Viola)
Also- free improvisation with John Butcher, Paul Lovens, ROVA Saxophone Quartet, Andrew Voight, LaDonna Smith, Jack Wright, Shakin Ray Levi’s, Gino Robir, Morgan Gubberman, Sergey Kuryokhin, Tom Djll, Henry Kaiser, Greg Goodman, Bhob Rainey, Davey Williams, Eugene Chadbourne, John Oswald, Charles K. Noyes, Ian Davies, Ross Rabin, Joesph Sebella, Zan Hoffman, Craig Hultgren, Misha Feigin, Sergey Letov, Fred Lomberg-Holm, Tom Guralnick, Lukas Ligeti and more.


Joee can be heard on the following recordings/releases:

Northwind-with George Winston
Camper van Chadbourne-Camper Van Beethoven and Eugene Chadbourne
Used Record Pile-Camper Van Beethoven
Till the Bars Break-with Chuck D of Public Enemy, Henry Kaiser
Vulineries-Tom Djll
Mata Rata-Eric Muhs
My Sediments Exactly-James Potter
The WEB-features Steve Good and Gary Pahler, Andy Willis
Threads of Old Memory-with Native American poet Jeanette Armstrong
Dreams-Misha Feigin, Craig Hultgren, Gregory Acker, Pete Peterson, Danny Keily
State of the Union 2001-Elliot Sharp, Fred Frith many others

With Paul K:

Stolen Gems
Terminal Hotel
The Night We Cheated Death
New Years Eve Eve
Swan Boats at Four-with Ron Whitehead

With Eugene Chadbourne:

Chadbourne Barber Shop-with Brian Ritchie, Jimmy Carl Black, Charles Tyler, David Liccht,Robin James, Camper Van Beethoven, Red Clay Ramblers, Don Helms, others
The Horror Pt.1–with Steve Good, Norman Minogue, Enna Ballard
The Horror Pt.2–with Steve Good, Norman Minogue, Enna Ballard
The Horror Pt.7-Post Day of the Dead Ritual-with Ut Gret and Camper van Beethoven
Insect and Western Party-with Carrie Schull, Carrie Brillo and Steve Good
Biker Music of Southeast Cambodia-with David Stilley
I Talked to Death in Stereo-with Norman Minogue, Steve Good, Eena Ballard, Brian Ritchie, Victor Krummenacher, Jonathan Segel, Carrie Schull
Nijmegen Hassen Hunt-with Jin Hi Kim, David Moss, Jim Denley, Leslie Ross, Han Bennik, Marko Novachcoff, Murry Reams, Tim Holmes and Camper van Beethoven
Chad-Born Again-with Jon Rose, David Stilley, Murry Reams
The Acquaduct-with Henry Kaiser, Murry Reams, David Stilley and Mexican Improvisors, Ricardo Shields, Frederico Gonzalez, Carlos Nava, Gerado Navarro
Insect Attracter-with Tony Trischka, Brian Ritchie, Paul Lovens, Steve Good, Misha Feigin, Bunk Gardner, Tom Heasley, Alex Ward, Dennis Palmer, Gino Robair, Leslie Ross, Bob Stagner, Carrie Brillo, Carrie Schull, Bruce Wagner
Young and Innocent Daze-with Greg Acker, Steve Good, Gary Pahler, Todd Hildreth, Dean Zigoris, Andy Rademaker, Produced by Joee Conroy
The Competition of Misery-with Brian Ritchie, Camper van Beethoven, Jimmy Carl Black, David Stilley, Elliot Sharp, Barry Mitterhof, Marco Novachcoff, Frank Pahl

With Danny Dutton and the Secret Commonwealth:
The Changeling and the Bear-with Greg Acker
The Road-with Greg Acker, Andy Rademaker, Bob Douglas, George Wakim, Patrick Fitzgerald
Love and Time- with Greg Acker, Andy Rademaker, Bob Douglas, George Wakim
Love and Time Live- with Andy Rademaker, Bob Douglas, George Wakim
The Approach of the Mystery-with Andy Rademaker, Bob Douglas, George Wakim

 With Ut Gret:
The Dig-with Greg Acker, Steve Good, Steve Roberts, Gary Pahler, Bob Douglas, Eugene Chadbourne, Davey Williams, Henry Kaiser, Greg Goodman, Doug Carroll, Joseph Getter, Paul Lovens, Todd Hildreth, Misha Feigin, Dean Zigoris, David Stilley, Sam Grey, Mark Englert, Peter Hadley, Mike Heffley, Marko Novackoff, Jay Lyons, Andy Rademaker, Keenan Lawler, Tom Butsch
Time of the Grets-with Davey Williams, Henry Kaiser, Greg Goodman, Eugene Chadbourne, Misha Feigin, Gregory Acker, David Stilley
Pronounced… Ut Gret-with Vinny Golia, Fred Lomberg-Holm, Doug Carroll, Tom Djll, Jonathan Segel, Betsy Behnke, Ritchie West, Graham Connah, David Stilley, Mark Bradlyn, James Potter
I Think…Ut Gret-with Henry Kaiser, John Oswald, Greg Goodman, Leslie Delaba, Charles K Noyes, David Stilley, James Potter
The New Syntax-with Paul Hoskin, David Stilley
Energy Daze-with Greg Goodman, Eugene Chadbourne, David Stilley, James Potter
The Three Body Problem-with Mark Bradlyn, David Stilley
Sergey Letov/Ut Gret-with Misha Feigin, Gregory Acker
Mind Capsule- CD-Rom, Gregory Acker