Instruments: clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, bassoon, percussion.


Steve Good began life as a small non-stick kitchen utensil before he became a real boy. Born at the same time as Joee Conroy (whose evil twin would forever be his burden) he became known as a poet child prodigy but his parents quickly switched him over to music lest the other kids in the neighborhood pick on him.  He eventually won them over with his knowledge and expertise in explosives.  His clarinet playing won him many honors, mostly worthless, however he did tour Europe and play with Donovan.   He became a feared gang leader at band camp but knew this path could only lead to destruction. He vowed to put away his clarinet to do good. He became an engineer and enrolled in college at the tender age of… well, lets just say it was a tender age. Once again his prodigious talents astounded his professors and out of fear and jealousy urged him to find another line of work. He enrolled at the Indiana School of Music to develop electronic music that can be packaged as an aerosol spray. Frustrated, he returned to Speed Scientific School and became Kentucky’s first computer guru, a label that he detests to this day.
Though he had put aside the clarinet, Steve still had an obsession with sound and became a sound engineer. He recorded tens of thousands of hours of bands and has extensive documentation of the Louisville Underground music scene of the last fifteen years. Such bands as Slint, Rodan, King Kong and many others have come to rely on Steve’s great ears and good nature.  Many of his recordings have been released including nearly all of Jamie Aebersold’s Jazz education series.  Then a chance meeting with Joee Conroy and  Gregory Acker doing a performance of Terry Riley’s “In C” linked them together. Steve realized that if he was going to neutralize Conroy’s evil schemes he would have to join Ut Gret.  Only then would he be able to stop Conroy from altering the flow of the ocean currents.
He has also managed to find time to play in so many bands that it would be futile to try to list them all.

Currently he plays in Ut Gret, Liberation Prophecy, Parlour and Sapat.